Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Call Center Monitoring and Social Media

BPA Quality Takes Third Party Remote Call Monitoring to Social Media

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor

Companies throughout the world have used third party remote call monitoring software for years to measure the success of their current processes and identify opportunities for improvement. While the demand for such software still exists, monitoring has gone beyond the mere confines of the phone interaction to include a full range of channels.
One of the most recent additions to the monitoring space where BPA Quality is concerned includes the far reaching spaces of the social networking phenomenon. Not only are companies establishing a presence on sites such as Twitter andFacebook (News - Alert), customers are also posting comments about companies and the news can either be good or bad.
No matter how a company may classify the information, it is truly rich and real-time customer feedback that can be used to strategize more effective ways to drive revenue and profit. This could seem like a daunting task to even the most innovative of companies as the information can be widespread and cover a full range of topics. The good news is that BPA Quality has already developed solutions that can capture this information for maximum use.
A team of experts at BPA Quality takes this form of third party remote call monitoring to a whole new level by capturing feedback from a full range of social media sites and turn it into objective and quantifiable data. This data can then be used to change the business into the picture of perfect in the eyes of the customer. Well, even if that is stretching it, the idea is to make those changes that keep the business focused on the needs of the customer to drive loyalty and long-term success.
This is accomplished through the use of the BPABuilder Online suite of tools offered by BPA Quality that allow companies to truly measure and use third party remote call monitoring applications that allow companies to extract rich, meaningful information from interactions involving their company and their customers.
The best way to control this information is to capture it, learn from it and improve interactions for customers and BPA Quality helps make that a reality with third party remote call monitoring solutions that maximize the social media platform. With the amount of data available to capture, attempting to do it in-house will take the focus away from core business initiatives.
Allow the experts to gather and quantify the information so you can then use it in your strategy planning. Third party remote call monitoring is important for any business and when it involves the social media environment, experience can make the difference.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

USA Employee Spotlight August 2010 Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw joined BPA Quality in November 2009 and has already proven to be a tremendous asset to our Team.

He is responsible for the leading his team in exceeding personal targets, great quality scores (over 95% accuracy), and has distinguished himself as a true leader.

We at BPA Quality would like to send out a thank you to Kevin for going above and beyond and instituting an ever-present contributor to the overall team and ensuring we remain the best in remote call monitoring globally.

Monday, August 23, 2010

UK Employee Spotlight August 2010 Charlotte Davidson

Charlotte Davidson joined the Client Research Department at BPA Quality 4 years ago and has proven to be real 'pillar' of our Team.

Charlotte is responsible for the planning of resources and our People's talents to deliver successful projects for Clients in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Be it a Research project for a UK Client with over 25 nationwide branches or a multilanguage requirement involving over 40 worldwide locations, Charlotte can manage it exactly to the Client's requirement which takes somebody quite special!

We at BPA Quality would like to send out a thank you to Charlotte for her super-organised, focused and composed approach (regardless of the challenges!), her always present smile and for her contribution to make BPA what it is today - the best in remote call monitoring available globally.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BPABuilder: Third Party Remote Call Monitoring Software Built for Customization

By David Sims, TMCnet Contributing Editor
The BPABuilder is a good way to customize your company software, as it includes features to track, trend, report and create the stimulus to "build your Quality Customer Experience," as company officials say. 
The BPA Builder comes with "such services as Third Party Remote Calling Monitoring, Mystery CallingMystery ShoppingBenchmarking, Customer Satisfaction Surveying, Social Media Monitoring and other General Contact Center Quality Assurance initiatives you may have," company officials say.
Other important features include PABuilder.Reporting, included with the BPABuilder Program as a standard and integral part.  It's developed and delivered in three different ways:
BPABuilder.Online. Every report that is relevant to your data and your business is available as part of BPABuilder.Online. "Web-based reporting at the click of your mouse, reporting that is robust, accurate and designed for the maximum impact on your agents," is how company officials describe it.
Digital Push Reporting. Every report that is available on the BPABuilder.Online tool is also available via Push Distribution. "If you prefer, reports can be sent directly to your email inbox at regular intervals," company officials say. "Just let us know which reports you would like to subscribe to, how often you want them, and where you want them delivered, and the information you need to build a Quality Customer Experience comes to you."
Custom Reporting and Analysis. The BPABuilder.Reporting tool will include "reporting and analysis by our team of experts and Client Strategies department," company officials say. "These types of reports are intended to address specific needs or findings that are not part of the standard online package." These reports are delivered in your choice of format such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint or PDF.
BPABuilder.Coaching is also included with the BPABuilder Program as a method of delivering coaching to the Call Center Agents, and to track this coaching in order to generate an environment for improvement.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here.

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BPA Quality Touts Measuring the Subjective for Call Center Improvement

by David Sims

It's interesting to hear a call center provider talk about its philosophy of how the company goes about its business. BPA Quality officials say that the challenge as managers is to "move the barometer of performance from poor or average to outstanding." 
"We probably have all been on the receiving end of poor or average customer service," they say, adding that research shows that "a contributing factor to this is that often when agents are given feedback it is often in varying degrees subjective -- the impact of this is that either the agent believes that the feedback is biased and disregards it, or genuinely does not know how to improve based on the feedback."
For example, they say, the agent may be told to be friendlier. Which is great, but what if the agent does not know how to be friendlier? Right -- she has a job waiting for her at the IRS tomorrow. But stay focused here.
BPA's experience and research in the field for over twenty years lets them claim specialist status in analyzing behavior by "constructing metrics that allow the precise measurement of performance. Seemingly subjective elements of calls are accurately measured."
This means that feedback becomes objective and actionable and easily delivered consistently by supervisors, company officials say: "Agents have confidence in the feedback and know how to improve. The organization has an accurate and objective view of performance by team, center or enterprise-wide."
BPA officials say that, armed with all that, "we then apply your standards, your technical requirements and your policies to our philosophies to identify the key activities that result in a Quality Customer Experience. We then strive to develop clear, well defined criteria to help support the activities that result in a successful customer interaction."
Part of this is then eliminating the “gray areas” of typical quality monitoring by developing detailed definitions of these key criteria and support this clarity through extensive calibration and analysis of the consistency of the data.
The result, they say, is "clear results and actionable observations that allow your managers, supervisors and agents to modify the behaviors of the call center activities to build a Quality Customer Experience time and time again.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Successful Quality Monitoring Programs Must Haves

Successful Quality Monitoring Programs Must Haves

Listening is nice, however your agents will figure it out quickly if they know that
you are merely listening and not doing anything with the information; They will
use the Hawthorne Effect to their advantage! As a remedy, the agents must be
provided with a strongly supported feedback mechanism that they can easily
understand. There are four factors that you must understand in making any
program successful:

• The agents have limited time and bandwidth to absorb any feedback…they
are busy!
• They usually take all their direction from their direct supervisor…they know
who their boss is!
• They want to know what they did right and wrong…they truly want to
perform well!
• You must be consistent, fair, and accurate in your feedback…if it isn’t, the
supervisors and agents will discount the findings!