Friday, April 9, 2010

Quality Coaching

I am a runner, I love to run. Recently, I set one of my best times as a 40 year old for a 3 mile run, averaging about 7.5 minutes per mile. I felt great about this result. The very next day, my 9 year old daughter runs into my office, with a grin ear to ear and proceeds to inform me that she set the school record for the mile, running it in just shy of 6 minutes flat. All of a sudden, I wasn’t that great anymore, and I didn’t realize it until someone told me. Aside from being much older, I had no idea why I couldn’t beat a 9 year old. I needed a coach to get me there. Your call center agent is much the same. They carry on their daily activities to the best of their knowledge or ability, each with their own mind about how well they are doing. Whether this meets the expectations set by the overall company isn’t known, that is until someone tells them. Sure, you can send the agents reports, numbers, scores, and customer satisfaction numbers all day…just like my comparison to my daughters running time. This only gives them half of the picture…it tells them the result of what they are doing. While they may perform well or poorly, they simply do not know the reasons why. Someone must be their coach. 

-Craig Antonucci, Director of Client Strategies @ BPA, MBA and Professor of Decision Sciences

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