Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why Outsource Call Monitoring?

Why Outsource your Call Monitoring?

As a sales manager in a rather large outbound call center, I always found myself lacking the time to listen to my agents' calls on a consistent basis.  Our training department attempted to monitor calls as well, but the effort was always pushed to the back burner for more pressing issues.

Once team leaders were incorporated in the monitoring process, the coaching increased, but sales decreased.  Taking your best agents off the phone was probably not the best decision.  Plus, due to the close-knit relationships that form on the floor, there was/is a lot of nepotism that can occur.  Unfortunately, this scenario is seen throughout the call center industry.

How do you overcome these obstacles to ultimately increase the customer experience and sales?

Well, using a 3rd part to listen to your calls and provide feedback can provide just that answer.

This is what a 3rd party call monitoring firm can provide:

1.  Objective Measurement
2.  Consistent feedback, not based on biases
3.  Emphasis on the customer experience, rather than internal targets
4.  Actionable feedback that can be used by agents, supervisors, managers and training departments
5.  Data that can specifically change behaviors

Bottom line:

  "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

Ultimately, a 3rd party call monitoring firm can provide you the tools to measure and manage call center teams effectively.  Period.

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